LAND360 in 2023: Navigating the Landscape of Biodiversity and Land Management

The LAND360 team has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions that harmonise agricultural and environmental interests. Throughout the year, our experts have been dedicated to understanding and quantifying biodiversity, optimising land management, and fostering sustainable ecosystems.

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Across the year, by using our Mapping+, Scoring+, and Ecosystem+ services, the LAND360 team has achieved great strides in helping estates and farms with quantifying their land's natural capital, and providing tangible insights that encourage sustainable land management decisions. 

Watch our team in action at Helmingham Estate:

The LAND360 service has been used to help Helmingham Estate get a picture of the biodiversity and carbon footprint of their ancient parkland. Read more about the work here.

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360 blogs to read Fera's expert opinions, and latest news from across the agricultural sector :

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Combining data and science, LAND360 accurately measures, and maps existing land habitat features and models biodiversity offerings to help farmers, landowners, and estate managers make informed land use decisions.

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More about LAND360

LAND360 is a tiered service, with each tier offering a different approach to measuring and monitoring natural capital. LAND360 uses the expertise of the Fera team who identify solutions to help futureproof land-based businesses.

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